Monday, March 09, 2009


I had a little manicure time with Izzy...and Brenton tonight. Izzy wanted her nails painted so Brenton got her started. I have probably painted my nails a dozen times in my life, I never had the patience or couldn't paint with my weak hand well enough to ever want to do it. As I finished up my good hand, Brenton (who secretly was loving every minute of it) painted my other hand and finally finished off Izzy's. She went with 2 different colors, one on each hand and I stuck with the traditional pink on both. I had a lot of fun and think I will invest more time painting nails with Izzy as she gets older.


  1. Meanwhile, the "real" boys of the house-Jake and Drew are doing man stuff, like playing with trucks. We all know how Brenton is, especially when it comes to fashion.


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