Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Love is the commitment of my will
to your needs and best interests,

regardless of the cost.

~Dr. Tim Kimmel (From- Grace Based Parenting)

I am currently wrapped up in the book, Grace Based Parenting, by Dr. Tim Kimmel. I have mentioned other parenting books that I have read, but this is at the very TOP of my list right now. Every time I read it my eyes are opened to new and better ways to raise our children. I will give more detailed information once I finish, but if you want to join me in reading it, I highly recommend you getting yourself a copy (you will want to highlight, underline, and write notes so buy one). I might add it's not just for parents, he references grandparents as well, and I would add anyone thinking or planning to be a parent.


  1. this book is one my shelf...I NEED to delve in!

    p.s. You and Em are welcome ANYTIME!!

  2. where can I get it?

    ur fav. student,

  3. I'll have to pick this up. thanks for posting it!


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