Monday, April 27, 2009


Andrew has had pooping problems as far back as I can remember (at least since 5 months old). I for the life of me can't figure out what the problem is and doctors don't say much about it. In my very small medical knowledge I have to think being constantly constipated is NOT normal, especially for 2 years. I hate to be the mom who continues to bring up the same issue at the Dr. visits after I've been told on several occasions that he "should" grow out of it. It's been 2 years, how long must he go through this? So, I've sunken to a new low. I am keeping a "pooping log" (No pun intended). I am recording everything he eats, drinks, any dietary supplements he gets, when he poops, the consistency of the poop, and any other detail I can-I can't believe this is my life. If someone had told me that as mom, you need to analyze your children's poop, I would have gagged, and never thought twice about having children.
I love this little cutie so much and my heart breaks for him as I find him hunched over in a corner, turning a bright shade of red from so much pushing- only to find barely anything in the diaper.
If anyone has any advice on this, or knows something "new" to do, please send me your knowledge.


  1. Hey Steph,
    My Sisters kids have the same issues. She gives them Prune juice every other day and it really helps. It tastes gross but definitely makes it a little "smoother" going out :) I will check with Ben to see what info he has to share. He said if you really want some input he would wlcome your call as he would like a little more info about his bowl patterns :) Gotta love doc talk Our Number is 6124817044. Rachael Knutson

  2. Hey Stephanie...Benjamin had a similar problem. Our doctor put him on Miralax (you can get it over the counter now). We would give him 1/2 of an adult dose once or twice a day and it REALLY helped. The first time he had it, we had to give him an adult really broke him loose. ;-) I would mix it in w/some V8-VFusion juice. I don't know if your kids will drink it, but that also helped in itself b/c one serving would provide around 2 servings of fruits and veggies for a little guy. I hope this helps some.

  3. Rachael- HI how are you!!! It's been forever since we have talked. I had no idea you read the blog- thanks for chiming in. Thanks for the phone number, I just might take you up on that. The prunes and prune juice were not pleasing to his taste buds.
    Melanie, Andrew also was prescribed miralax, yes it helps, but if I miss a dose, than it starts over. Also, I feel weird about giving him a laxative everyday- will he need that the rest of his life? I will try the V8 juice that sounds more healthy than just regular juice. I am sure my kids will drink it- they are tired of milk and water.

  4. Hi Stephanie ~ I am Steph Sorbel's friend Natalie and have commented a few times. If you find anything that helps let me know. Both of my girlies struggle with pooping as well - especially my 2 year old, Nora. The other day she burst a blood vessel in her eye she was pushing (or trying not to push - I'm not always sure what's she's doing - trying to get it out or keep it in) Here's to prune juice & smooth moves. :) Natalie

  5. Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice from your local natural food store. It really doesn't taste like much, but that taste will even go away if you mix it with some juice.

    It says on the bottle how much for kids (1T) I think. The down side is it needs to be refrigerated.


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