Friday, April 03, 2009

What was I thinking?

I tried to be the fun, spontaneous mom today. It turned into a couple of my worst-to-date mom moments yet to be recorded, and I can't believe I am about to post it for all the world to read. I took the kids to the MN Zoo today to see the baby farm animals (the last weekend to see them). Not really thinking through all the details or timing of it all, I packed a couple things to bring along. I made sure I had the wagon to pull the tired little legs, I packed diapers and wipes, a couple snacks, hand sanitizer (won't leave home without it), a camera, and stocking hats for the long hike out to the barn. I thought I did well.

Once we got there, Andrew starting crying. About what?...I have no idea, but it continued for the at least the first 20 minutes. He was so upset about everything about being at the zoo. I tried my best to ignore him or point out really cool monkey tricks to try and distract him, but he was dead set on having a fit, so I let him. Then, I knew I wanted to take the kids to the bird show. I had seen it a couple weeks before and thought they would love it, the only problem was that meant I had 1.5 hours to kill until the next show. Knowing it would be a long trek out the barn and back and not wanting to miss the show, I attempted to kill time at the aquarium and I even splurged and bought us some yummy mixed popcorn (cheese, caramel and plain). Everyone was doing great, I was pleased with everyone's behavior (because Andrew had chilled out) and we were smooth sailing.

Then, we were walking to the bird show and their were MOBS of people sitting everywhere eating lunch, when Izzy says, "Mommy, I'm hungry!"
After exhausting our snacks, I knew I was in trouble. The show was in 35 minutes (at 1:00), then it would last 30 minutes, then we had to walk out to the barn (20 minutes) then look at the animals (45 min) then hike it back (20 min). I was starting to panic, not really knowing what to do.
By the time the show was done, they were all crying for food. I know I could have bought them food there, however, I also knew that it would be a rip off to buy lunch at the zoo and I would rather get something once we left. BAD IDEA! As we headed out the barn the behavior when from bad (hungry) to worse (hungry + tired). It wasn't at all their fault either. It was an hour past lunch time and now 30 minutes into what normally is Andrew's nap. Needless to say, we got all the way out the farm babies, only to turn right around and head back.

I give Izzy and Jake great amounts of credit, they did well considering. Andrew thought his life was over, and I was pretty sure, there was going to be someone waiting for me at the front of the zoo with a straight jacket-I would have gone with them willingly! After all of it, I had fully earned a visit to Chipotle (kid's choice). Everyone ate, and was merry all the way home! (Even Andrew, who fell asleep after lunch at 3:15pm).

So, the next time I try to be Mrs. Spontaneous Mom, I should make sure it doesn't fall over lunch and nap time, or at least make sure I am prepared for all things.

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