Saturday, May 30, 2009

Simpler ways

I've been thinking A LOT lately about a simpler way of life. I mean the old school way with no internet(I am such a generation X snob). I will admit, a lot of my time gets sucked into using technology. I know my husband has been wrestling with this recently too (probably a clear sign that God is calling us away for a while, but because we are sinful, we avoid His promptings- we are dumb sometimes). I have seriously thought about getting rid of the internet in our house- then I want to slap myself for thinking it. I feel as if it would cut me off from connecting with so many people. I then think about all the things I would get cleaned, organized, read, and finished if I didn't have the computer calling my name every time I walked by it. We don't have a house phone, so I feel like the internet is my only real way to connect with people because not everyone knows my cell phone number, but many know my email address.
I often wonder what kind of example I am setting for my kids if I am hooked on technology. Or then I wonder if it is the new wave of the future? I especially worry about losing my blogging buddies, facebook friends, and email pals. The internet has been a huge refuge for me throughout the first years of my children's lives. Its been a place to extress my frustrations with parenting, marriage, weigh loss and a way for me to stay connected with friends that we moved from. If we take the plunge and break free from technology, I worry about feeling isolated and alone, espeically since I will be home again next year ALL LONG WINTER Long.
Do you have any advice? I have tried to limit my time of use, but its no use, I have little self control.


  1. don't have your computer on all the time. allow yourself a set time each day to use the computer and only have it on during that time. you might even save a little money on your energy bill! :)

    i don't think getting rid of the computer or internet is the answer. it is a great way to connect, especially when you are home all day with kids. plus, the internet isn't a passing fad--your kids will probably be required to have a laptop in a few years at school!

    give yourself a gold star each day that you stick to your usage limits. you can try it with the tv too, especially during the summertime!

  2. you can set up time limits on your internet firewall.

    It can even do this for each computer (it does it by IP address or your computers address) so if others in your family would need to use a different computer your time would be restricted.

    It would allow you to use the computer but force you to be productive with the time that you do spend online. When the time would be up you would be "forced" off your internet.

    Problem solved :)

    Ps. If you don't know what I am talking about send me an email and I will see if I can help.


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