Friday, June 05, 2009

A Body Wash Upgrade!

Two of my favorite things have come together into one. 1. Taking a shower & 2. NYC! Caress body wash has a fabulous new line out, that I am hooked on! It's an exfoliating body wash, that has some new original smells. Finally something besides "Cucumber-Melon" or "Shower Fresh"! My personal favorite is the "Brunt brown-sugar".
Right now, if can go to the Caress website you can get either a free sample or a coupon to try it out (let me know if you try some other scents and what you think of them). While you are at the site, enter to win a FREE trip to the greatest city on earth- NYC! That's not all- the trip to NYC is during most popular week of the year in NYC- Fashion Week! It's worth the try, and if you win and don't want to go, I am more than willing to take that trip off your hands! TRY IT!

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