Sunday, July 12, 2009

Coming around

If you've been following this blog for the past 3 years, you have read numerous posts about my life as a parent. I have not held back from expressing my challenges and frustrations especially with Izzy. You might remember this, Witts End post. I am posting today to praise that Izzy and I are turning a corner in our daily battles and she is growing up so fast. I am finding myself amazed at her gentleness and kindness lately. She no longer throws her body down in a fit of rage when she doesn't get the answer she was looking for, instead she says, "Ok Mommy!" It stops me in my tracks every time. For so long (since she came out) she has thrown a fit so I have learned to brace myself and prepare for the rage to escape her, but for now, I am not getting that, and I am LOVING it! She's learning about earning trust and responsibility. She is gaining more independence in positive ways rather than rebelling and getting it in negative ways.
I am not sure what exactly has brought about the change, probably the endless prayer. Also, I am trying to change the way I deal with her. We have spent more time talking about how she feeling about situations and praying out loud together. Whatever it is, I am so pleased- I ENJOY being around her and having her around me (some of you know how HUGE that statement is). This is what I dreamed my relationship to be like with my little girl. I was sad today when I asked if she wanted me to play with her, and she said no, she wanted to go down to a friends house. I was so bummed.
I realize it could change at any moment, and we will still have episodes, probably for as long as we live, but for now its great! Love you Izzy!

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