Monday, August 03, 2009


I was really bummed out about a toy that my kids had received as a Christmas present had a battery break open on it and the acid got on part of the battery compartment, the very first time they played it. I was thinking it was a total loss for them ever being able to play this without it being plugged in. However, I though I would just Google to see if there was a solution to fix this problem I had. Sure enough, Goggle has it all! I discovered all you need is a little Cola on a cloth. I poured some soda on a cloth, rubbed it on the affected area, and 30 seconds later it was gone! I am so happy, I had to share this, knowing that someone else has had this problem. Don't throw the toy away- it's redeemable!

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  1. My dad has used cola to clean up a car battery... you know how it can get all gunked up on the spots that you put jumper cables. Pretty cool!


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