Monday, August 03, 2009

Close call

I think some people are born animal-lovers. I grew up with dogs, birds, hamsters, fish, and a pony (not all at the same time). I still love being around dogs, they always seem so joyful. Our children are also drawn to dogs, but really any animals. I would say they are animal-lovers. Since we don't yet have our own dog, we have done a lot of training of the kids to not run up on animals (dogs especially) becuase that could startle them and cause them to "fight" back with their teeth. The kids have done really well always asking strangers if they can pet their dogs.

This past weekend, we were at a parade in Hanover, MN and like any other time we are out and see a dog, Izzy walked up to the owners and asked to pet the dog. Usually I watch from a far and admire how much she loves the dog and the grown up conversation she starts with the owners. But this time, I happened to walk with her over to the dog. The owners said yes that she could pet the dog, without any hesitation. I remember thinking about how proud I was of how gentle Izzy was being with this dog. After a minute or so, I think she leaned in a little to get the dog to give her a kiss. When that happened, the mood of the dog shifted (QUICKLY) and in what seemed like slow motion, but so fast at the same time, the dog showed it's teeth and lunged toward her trying to attack her. I was so frightened, but at that moment, I received a bit of energy and strength. She was knocked down to the ground and the dog lunged for her again, I was sure he had bitten her face to arm. I scooped her up and hauled her away as quickly as I could. She was screaming and crying. I looked her over and didn't see any blood or bite marks. She said he got her hand, but I only saw a small mark. I was so terrified!

I was so grateful that I walked with her over there and was there the whole time. I know that Izzy did NOT do anything to provoke the dog, she was the most gentle I can remember ever seeing her. I am so thankful that she was not hurt. She was a little shaken, but it didn't last long. We have talked a lot about how dogs can be dangerous if we are not careful, but its hard to explain it when she was being so careful. Hopefully, she has learned something, but I know she still LOVES dogs. It didn't take long for her to find another LITTLE dog to go up and play with. I do know that we will be keeping our distance from any pit bulls in the future.

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  1. be careful... you say.. izzy did NOT do anything to provoke a dog.
    even the gentlest of dogs get nervous.. especially when someone gets too close. no matter how sweet she was being. maybe they were protecting their owner.. i am not sure.

    sounds like she does a great job. just encourage her not to kiss dogs anymore...


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