Saturday, September 19, 2009

Moon Sand no more

I happened to avoid moon sand for a long time thinking it would be too much of a mess for this ESFP mom to handle. Then, it was on SALE and I, like any good sale, couldn't resist. It was originally $20.00 and I got it for $4.00- I figured if it was terrible, it didn't cost much and I could throw it away.

I took it out this morning to keep the kids occupied. I now want to slap whoever invented colored moon sand! Seriously, it is everywhere on my driveway and the colors are all mixed so that I will never be able to separate them. Although the concept is cute, it is a HUGE mess, and had I paid full price I would be mad that it was all destroyed after one time, but because I spend nearly nothing on it, I am going to let it go, and never look at moon sand again!

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