Monday, September 07, 2009

Our oldest is 6!

Happy 6th Birthday today Jacob! You are our first born, our practice child- you lead the way for those that follow in our family. You lead well so far! This is a big birthday for you, not only are you 6, but you will begin your schooling career in just a day. It feels like everything is changing for me, your mom, and I don't always want to let go. But I smile when I think of the road ahead for you, the journey you are about to start.
You have a heart of gold and you share it with those around you. I can count on you to be a good friend to others and a great big brother. It's crazy for me to think about you being six and all that has changed since that day you were born. Your dad and I were clueless on how much we would love you and how much you would bless our life.
Happy Birthday baby boy- it is our greatest desire that you will grow and mature into a godly man that continues to lead and love others the way you believe Jesus does. I love you!
Favorite food- cheese pizza
Favorite snack- Easy cheese & Wheat thins
Favorite desert- Popsicle
Favorite color- blue
Favorite restaurant- Chipotle
Favorite movie- Star Wars or Clone Wars
Favorite sport- Baseball
Favorite thing to do with Daddy- play light sabers
Favorite thing to do with Mommy- cuddle
Favorite thing to do with the whole family- go to church
What do you want to be when you grow up- A Jedi
What are you most grateful for- My family
What did you love about your birthday- getting presents

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