Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First days!

We made it! I should say they made it, but it is me who struggled through the good-byes. I walked with Jacob to school this morning with the neighbor kids and mom. Its about a mile walk for the kids, but they seem to like it. Jake was holding my hand for some of the walk, but as soon as he saw the school and playground full of kids, he removed his hand and was ready to join the gangs of other children bursting with excitement on the first day. I stood among several other parents, feeling very surreal- It didn't seem possible that I had a child old enough to start school. Literally two days ago, it felt like I had 3- 3 year olds with the tantrums and fighting stewing in all of us (I include myself in through tantrums). And now, with Andrew potty trained and Jacob telling me I can leave him at school that he will be fine, I feel like all the baby days and toddler days have just slipped through my fingers and I will never get them back! Another baby?....Nah!

Just before we cross the bridge onto the school property

Jake and his friend are in the same class, they were sticking close together before they entered

Jacob getting home after 1/2 day Kindergarten

big brother was missed this morning by little brother!

Isabelle also started preschool this morning- she will probably be teaching the class by the end of the year!

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  1. Thanks, Stephanie, for writing these posts! I love reading about what the kids are doing, especially since we can't be with you all as much as we'd like to be. I'm so glad Jake had a good day - I'll have to tell you about my first day of school at my new school sometime!


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