Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I must have missed the newsletter

I must have missed the newsletter about why children do or don't do the things they do on a daily basis- here are some of the things I was wondering about...

Why do you think that it's ok to throw garbage into the garbage can when there is clearly NO bag in the can? Did you think the can was lonely or feeling left out since all the garbage was removed?

Why do you step OVER the pile to toys, books, junk, markers, papers, or clothes that are on the floor rather than just pick them up? Do you think that the piles are new accessories or decorating ideas that I have thought up? Is it the new thrifty way to decorate?

Does the toilet flush handle have a scary green monster on it? Is that why you are afraid to flush when you are done using the toilet? And with that, when you entered the bathroom the handtowel was hanging on the hook, did you think I really wanted it on the floor, so you were trying to helpful?

You must think the coat hook, hat & mitten drawers looked exhausted, so that must be why you just laid your things in the middle of the hallway- they clearly needed a break from all their hard work?

The garage must be a really scary place for you to go- that must be why you leave your bike, helmet, bats, balls, and all outdoor toys just outside of the garage when you are finished? Or do you think the yard needed some decorations and you are just trying to spruce things up a little?

Mom and Dad's room is much too grown up, is that what you think? Did you feel the need to bring in all your toys, books, legos, dolls, and artwork in make it more "child-friendly"? Were the other 5 rooms in the house not enough for you to keep your toys in?

I feel like I have all the answers now to the little minds in our house, I am so glad I know how you are feeling now.

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