Thursday, October 29, 2009


I had a spontaneous and adventurous night with the kids last night. My wonderful brother-in-law called and had 4 free tickets to the MN Timberwolves game. With Brenton out of town I didn't think it would be possible to make the night happen alone. But when someone calls with free sports tickets, I feel like I can't miss the opportunity for my children to experience it. I love sports events, even if the team is terrible or the sport isn't my favorite to watch. To me, it's all the the atmosphere, excitment in the air, and fun! My mother-in-law was a real trooper and joined us at the game, so it was much more manageable. The kids had a blast! It was kid's night or something, so right when we walked through the enterance, there were kids activities going on. The kids each got a mini bball and a tattoo, so they excited right away. They also love the mascot, "Crunch", they would ask throughout the game where he was. I had to continue to tell Andrew that he was getting a drink of water because he was so hot. We stayed through the half time show, then packed it up and headed out. It was perfect, we had a ton of fun howling with the crowd and cheering for the good plays.
Thanks Jeff and Nana Kris!

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