Thursday, October 01, 2009

My newest role

I always dreamed of being involved with my children's education. That was part of the reason I decided to become a teacher. Now that Jacob is in Kindergarten, I decided to attend my first PTO meeting. While there, I got a crazy idea that the school needed a mascot. Being that the school has always said they were Geckos, I suggested to the PTO that they purchase a costume. Not thinking all the way through that idea, It soon evolved that I was the one who would be wearing the costume. So today in a morning assembly, I had my big reveal to the students-the newest member of their student body. I had a ton of fun making the kids smile and passing out prizes for those helping with the current fundraiser.
I guess when I thought long ago about being involved this isn't exactly what I had envisionsed, but I guess wherever I can help, I will!
**I didn't tell Jacob that I would be the Gecko, but he figured it out right away, he said he knew my sunglasses, he was telling all his friends that the Geckos name is Stephanie.**


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