Friday, November 13, 2009

The new Brenton

This is a look I never expected to see on the man I married 7 years ago. This wannabe GQ boy was the first to introduce me to the term "metrosexual". When he wasn't using his sculting gel to spike the front of his hair he was leading the hockey team in penalty minutes (such a tough guy). Never did I think he would want to suit up in a bright orange hunting jacket and walk in the weeds to shoot some pheasants. I guess when you move the "city" kid out of the city he has no choice, but to embrace hunting. Thanks to our neighbor, Brenton has traded in his polo shirts and plaid golfing shorts from the summer for this....

Now he just needs to shoot us some dinner.

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  1. Haha! Just like JP! Never in my life did I think he'd EVER take up hunting. But like you said...move a city boy to the country and something gets to them I guess! We already enjoyed some duck he brought home. :)


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