Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I asked the kids while putting them down for bed tonight what they were thankful for, here are their answers...
Jacob- "I'm thankful for my mommy's and daddy's and Isabelle and Andrew" (I didn't know he had more than one mom and dad)

Isabelle- " I'm thankful for the birds chirping at night so I can sleep and for Jesus being in my heart to protect me from bad thoughts and from bad fairy-tale guys coming into my room."

Andrew- "Candy"
These are spot on answers if I had to describe the children to people. Jacob is the sensitive one who is always concerned about his family and other people. Isabelle is the wild child with the creative spirit and articulate words. And Andrew, he is the goof-ball always looking for a good time!
I am very thankful for them and for all the ways they challenge me to be a better mom and person. Happy Thanksgiving!

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