Tuesday, December 01, 2009

My baby girl turns 5!

There has always been one true thing about Izzy since she was a baby, she's always had a smile that melts my heart. I know that I am bias since she is my own child, but I've thought she was the most beautiful girl from day one. She had the most perfectly round head, a twinkle in her eye, and a smile to warm the room. She's also always had a great deal of independence and spunk in her since she was a baby, but that's a whole other post.
Isabelle is so courageous and strong in what she believes (or doesn't believe). I believe she will be a great advocate for something or someone one day, because she does not back down once she has her mind made up. Izzy has a huge heart to help other people- sometimes it's at the wrong time or in the wrong way, but that's the part of 'learning as you grow' that I need to better foster.
I have shed far more tears and offered up many more prayers for Isabelle than my boys. Not because I love her more than them, but because of what I know is ahead for her in her journey of life. And in all honesty it's also because she has pushed and pulled all the right buttons in my patience box from day one- prayer was the only hope of our survival.
I could just cry looking at these two pictures and dreaming about all the successes and failures that are ahead for her. I wonder what a picture 15 years from now will look like. I am so excited for her journey! I am so honored to be her mother, and it's a role that I take very seriously.
The past 5 years have gone by way too fast. The days of cuddling in bed, singing preschool songs, and coloring out of the lines for fun are almost gone for her. She is my only daughter, so it makes all the 'mother-daughter' memories more precious for me, because I hope one day she will not call me mom, but she will call me her friend.
I love you Izzy- Happy 5th Birthday! May the Lord continue to be a burning passion in your heart, and may you always be bold in your faith. Never back down from what you know is the truth, and may you always do it with love and a beautiful smile on your face. You are forever my baby-girl!

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