Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bragging rights

I had a phone conference with Izzy's preschool teacher today. I was suppose to go in this week, but with all the new craziness of the b-ball tournament, we did it over the phone.
As her mom, I have to brag about her conference. I was taking notes-
"Izzy is an AMAZING child."
Three words to describe her;
1. Capable
2. Delightful
3. Independent
"Very responsible"
"She pays attention at group time, and craves information"
"She's highly empathetic"
"Good Imagination"
"Takes turns and is EXTREMELY helpful"
"Great at taking and following multiple step directions from teachers and students"
"Seeks out a variety of children to play with"
"She stands up for her rights, but not in an aggressive way"
"Change doesn't bother her."
At the end I was waiting for, things to improve on, but she ended with- "I would love to have 20 Izzy's in my class, she is so great!, keep up the good work!"
I am shocked at some of the things, but not really, because Izzy really is something special. I need to spend my energy appreciating all these wonderful things rather than picking apart her flaws. Love you Izzy and we are so proud of your school report!
**The teacher on the left is her main teacher and other is a teaching assistant- they are the cutest.


  1. aw. proud moment, i am sure!!! I am not surprised though, i am sure you are a fabulous mom!


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