Sunday, March 21, 2010

My week in review

It's been a CRAZY week, but a really FUN one at that. I was trying to think back to everything that happened- I think I got all the highlights- As I went through the week it seemed like a dream, looking back on it, it seems exhausting! Let me make sure I give a HUGE shout out to my husband, Brenton, for all the amazing work he put in at home with the kids, and planning my bday weekend! I really appreciate that he stepped up without complaining so I could enjoy all these things this week!

Monday- Taught all day, had practice, watched my neighbors kids, baths and beds for all

Tuesday- Taught all day, home to pack, loaded the bus to the State bball tournament, banquet for tournament, team meeting, bed at a hotel in Minneapolis

Wednesday- Up early for game, GAME, watched 2 more games, dinner with team, final team meeting

Thursday (30th birthday)- Taught all day, back up to the cities for the bball tournament, home late

Friday- Taught all day, team meeting, pick up kids in Eagan, meet Brenton at work, drop kids off with in-laws in Maple Grove, "surprise" dinner at Chino- Latino with neighbors in Uptown, ghetto bowling alley, stayed the night at The Westin in Minneapolis

Saturday- slept in (9am), ran errands for FIL bday party, met up with the kids, Craig's party in Maple Grove, dinner at in-laws, watched State Tournament, drove HOME!!

Sunday- Church in Fairbo, grocery shopping in Apple Valley (first time in a month), headed into my class to work, wrote lesson plans, dinner @ neighbors house, Jake's homework, baths and 10 deep breaths to soak it all in and be thankful for it!

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