Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Little-man (literally)

We had Andrew tested for Celiac disease this week for a few reasons, but thankfully the test came back negative. I'm not sure how I would have done changing our diet in the drastic ways that would have demanded. However, the Dr. wants us to see a specialist called an Endocrinologist. I am not really sure why yet, but she said something about a bone scan to see if he is growing at the right rate (obviously my words, not hers).
Andrew is small and always has been since he was 1. He didn't reach 20lbs until he was 2.5 years old, and yesterday he was wearing 18 month pants (loosely). He is barely in the 1 percentile on those crazy charts. The problem is, since his last growth check in August to his weight check this week, he has dropped on the percentile chart (they don't want that to happen). He did gain 2.5 pounds, coming in at 27.2 pounds and grew an inch, but when looking at the percentiles, he has dropped (1.5%). I am sure nothing is wrong with him, he is just small like his uncle Jeff was as a kid, but we are going to go through the tests, just to put our minds at ease. Its strange to have Jacob, our oldest, off the charts in height because he is so tall for his age and then Andrew barely making it on the charts- each child is so different.
Right now, all the names, explanations, charts and Dr. talk seems like a different language, but I am sure by the end of this, I will have learned enough to be the specialist myself.

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