Friday, April 23, 2010

The main event- Wants VS Shoulds

I'm at it again- debating- with myself! I hate when I go through these inner struggles. I hate when I have things "I want to do", and battle against, what "I think I should do". I've been battling these for a few weeks now. I'm not ready to reveal quite yet what they are, for the fear of criticism which might sway my thinking.
My problem is, that both sides of the battle are good. I don't think I could lose with either choice, but will I be able to live with my choices forever, will I regret one over the other? Can I handle people's opinions of my choices? Do I know myself well enough to make these choices? These are the things that bounce around my mind when I have idle moments. One more reason, I try not to have idle moments.
You know I can't keep anything in for very long, its one reason I have a blog. I have the need to blab everything I am thinking to the world, as if someone else cares. So be patient with me as a wrestle through these thoughts and ideas.

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  1. I want to ... go to Guatemala. Yes! Do it :) (and ps, you could not have blogged more vaguely! haha)


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