Saturday, April 10, 2010

Soccer for Drew

I signed Andrew up for soccer through our local YMCA. This is his first class or activity that he's been in (alone), so he is super excited that he gets to go to a class rather than just watch his brother and sister. Our neighbor's children (his best buddies) are also in the class which makes it extra fun! I figured Andrew's best shot at a sport is going to be soccer- he's small, fast and good at moving the ball.
When he was finished with his class I asked him if it was fun. He replied, "Nope, it was so so fun!"
Andrew and his buddy Josh stretching- because 3 year olds might pull a hamstring!


  1. Oh, this post made me a little sad! I mean, I am excited for Drew and all, but I cannot believe he is old enough for things like this! :(

  2. Jeff was little but it didn't stop him from playing baseball, football and hockey. In football he was a running back and if he had the ball, no one could catch him! His size didn't become an issue in football or hockey until junior high. Love the pics - can't wait to watch him play sometime!


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