Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little fishies

Last summer the kids started taking private swimming lessons. At first, like always, I was a skeptic if "private lessons" were really necessary. But after only one week (30 min lessons) I was sold that it's the only way to go for teaching little kids to swim. I appreciate the constant one on one work they get and every minute is focused on them learning to swim. In so many programs there are 2 swimming teachers and 15 kids, so they spend a lot of the time hanging onto the side, waiting their turn. Jake and Izzy were off and and swimming after only 5 days. I was so impressed on their progress, so this summer I signed the kids up for 2 weeks of lessons. They just finished their first week and Jacob can swim across the pool on his front and back all alone. Izzy is doing great too, she is a little slower and less confident in the water, but is getting progressing more and more each time. Most importantly they are learning to LOVE swimming and having fun in the water and learning how to be safe too.

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