Friday, June 25, 2010

Serious Lap dog!

Manny is growing fast. He now weighs in at 12lbs. He should add 5 more before he is done growing. He lost his "boy parts" this week, so we've been trying to keep his running a jumping to a minimum. That's like telling a toddler not to explore in the cabinets- it's nearly impossible. He's really been fun to have. Brenton (who is NOT a dog lover) has been liking him too. I even found Brenton inviting the dog to sit on his lap on the couch. I for sure thought someone had stolen my husband.
The breeder told us these type of dogs (Buggs) love to be around people, and she wasn't kidding. He puts the term 'lap dog' into a new category. He will sit at my feet in the kitchen while I am cooking and look up at me with his big brown eyes and wait for me to pick him up. He's like a baby- he falls asleep when I am carrying him around. It's a little strange sometimes how much he loves to cuddled. I have to wonder if it's about cuddling or being protected from the 3 little people constantly picking him up and carrying him around?
One thing we have been really happy with is Manny's love of his kennel. He has never cried about being in the kennel. It was a welcomed surprise, since so many people tell me about how puppies cry all night the first couple nights. We often times find that he has gone into his kennel by choice to sleep. Here he is- sleeping half in and half out.
Here is Manny on my lap- seems to be his favorite place! (I don't mind)
All in all- He has been a GREAT addition to our family!

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