Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Little dipper

We had a GREAT 4-day weekend as a family up north this past weekend. We started at the cabin (In-laws) and celebrated Brenton's grandma's 80th birthday! The lady has twice as much energy as I do and is the hardest working 80 year old I have ever met. The kids spent time swimming, peddle boat riding, and playing pinball. They loved every minute of it. From there we headed over to Cragun's resort, in Brainard MN. It was an AWESOME Christmas present from Brenton's side of the family. We swam outside and swam inside and swam in the lake until we were all fully waterlogged.
The biggest surprise of swimmers was Andrew. Until now, Andrew has never been a big fan of the water. I always knew if there was a pool or lake around, he was going to stay clear of getting wet. He's always been ok with his feet on the side watching Jake and Izzy (the fish) play around. But this weekend, we created a swimming monster! We put his life jacket on, forced him to scream for a while in the water while he got used to floating, and then finally something clicked in his brain, that the water was fun and safe, and we could barely get him out. He was jumping in off the sides over and over and over again. He was swimming across the pool several times and loving every minute of it!
On one hand I am so pleased that he can now enjoy the water, but now I have to be extra careful about teaching him about being safe in the water and ALWAYS having a life jacket on because records show he is our little daredevil! WAY TO GO DREW-MAN!
(More pictures will be posted on Facebook from the weekend)

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