Monday, July 26, 2010

Bad hair stage

Some days I wake up and wonder how we ever got to a place where our oldest is almost 7! I remember the days of changing 3 kids diapers at one time. It's truly amazing how fast time goes. This morning I found Jacob in the bathroom with a spray bottle and comb looking in the mirror to get his hair looking right! He is really wanting to grow his hair out, like Justin Beiber. You know I love pop music, but I haven't been much of a Beiber follower, so I am curious where he got the idea that Justin has the hair he wants. Sadly for Jake, he has 2 terrible colics on the back of his head, so it's difficult to control his hair. I hope this "long hair" phase doesn't last, because I hate long hair on boys. But it's just hair and there are bigger things to stress out about.

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  1. My students love Justin...they are always asking to hear, "Baby, baby, baby, oh!" haha Let me know how the hair works out! :)


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