Thursday, July 22, 2010


Andrew got his first black eye! I thought for sure he would have had one before now with how crazy and dare-devilish he is.
He was running at the pool yesterday and another little boy was running the other direction and..... CRASH! The little boys forehead when straight into the side of his eye. It was a scream fest for a couple minutes with both 3 year olds bellowing out in pain! After some love and kisses on my lap, he was back in the pool and all was well. It looks much worse than it is.


  1. Oh, poor Drew! Take lots of pictures though - he still looks so cute!

  2. Just like his Uncle Jeff - he had two black eyes at the same time when he was about 4. He walked behind Brenton just when Brenton swung a baseball ball. He hit Jeff in the forehead.


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