Sunday, July 18, 2010

Morning kisses

Three year olds can be so difficult some times (mine- most of the time), but they are so darn cute too, which makes it hard to stay frustrated with them. This morning I woke up to slobbery kisses, and they were not from Manny. Nope, I woke up to hearing Izzy and Andrew giggling. Andrew thought he was being sneaky climbing up my back (as if I couldn't feel his knobby knees in my spine), kissing me on the cheek, then ducking back down (giggling). Then he would whisper(loudly) to Izzy, "I kissed mama and she didn't wake up!" He continued this adorableness 2-3 times, it was so cute I wanted it to go on forever. But then I had this idea to scare him. So I popped my eyes open and said, "BOO!" We all giggled together and snuggled in bed- I love these type of mornings!


  1. Cute story! I love that your need to scare him beat out your need for his adorableness! :)

  2. I loved those kind of mornings too!


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