Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Surviving the August heat

I usually spend the summer in a mental debate about turning on the AC or not. I usually sweat out a few nights before I cave and do it. However, this summer I feel like the AC has barely been off. It seems to be hotter than usual, and not just hot- HUMID (which is the worst).
The kids have been loving it! They spend the day in the pool in our yard, and I love watching them and listening to all their giggling and playing they do. Occasionally when I start to sweat too much, I remind myself that winter is only 4 months away, so I don't mind the heat as much! Here is some of the fun from today...
Jake relaxing

Andrew splashing others, but not wanting it back

Goof balls!

She is so beautiful!

Crazy head first entry by Izzy (I put a stop to those ASAP)

Izzy loves to torture her brother with ice cold hose water!

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