Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Better late than never...right?

A couple weeks ago it was Father's day!  I planned on posting something that day or just after, but before I knew it, almost 2 weeks had passed.  So, I decided to post it today before any more time passed.  
My children are the luckiest children ever because of their dad, Brenton.  Jacob, Isabelle and Andrew are everything to him.  I know most dad's feel the same way, but Brenton's dedication, love, playfulness and sacrifice for them alone is honorable.  I only know of a few dad's that are not afraid of being alone for extended periods of time on multiple occasions with all of their children at the same time, however, Brenton loves it and the kids love it!  He loves snuggling with them when their scared at night, singing funny songs, wrestling, playing catch, cleaning with, teaching, painting finger/ toe nails, reading books, taking to the library, and coming soon- building a tree house!    He has said on multiple occasions that he just wants to hang out with them all the time (I, their mother, can't even say that! :)).  He spends a lot of time reading books about the value of a dad as a parent, leading them as a godly father, and teaching children about the love of Jesus.  I am so fortunate and appreciative of Brenton as a husband, and especially a father.  
Sorry this is so late Brenton, but HAPPY FATHER's DAD!!!!

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  1. Thanks Babe!

    BTW - that is the weirdest picture of me I have seen in a long time!


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