Thursday, June 09, 2011

Teacher's matter, especially this one...

I can hardly catch my breath when I think about how fast the school year has gone, and that Jacob will finish 1st grade tomorrow.  He's had the best year!!  Much of that joy can be attributed to this woman, Mrs. Perkins, his 1st grade teacher!  Mrs. Perkin's will retire this year after 32 years of teaching!!  The school is really losing a gem of a teacher and woman.  I was able to teach next door to Mrs. Perkins for one year, and one of many things I learned from her is to love people.  Her joy and smile are so contagious and it's always genuine.  When I think of all the years she has taught; plus all the lives she has impacted, I am so thankful that my child, Jacob, was able to be one of those lives.  

THANK YOU Mrs. Perkins for a great year and for all 31 before!

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