Saturday, August 30, 2008

"I old"

Happy Belated Birthday to my baby boy! Thursday was Andrew's second birthday! With our new busy life, I wasn't able to post and officially say happy birthday here, but we did a little celebrating for him as a family. Brenton had the day off and took Drew out to breakfast. Then, the family picked me up from my school and we all had lunch together at their favorite local sandwich spot. Finally, Papa and Nana Ianfolla came over for some pizza, cake and presents. The evening was topped off with the neighborhood kids and parents coming over for cake in the driveway. Andrew had a fun day! We were suppose to hit up the MN State Fair, but with so much to do in the classroom and a mouth full of cankers, we all decided to hang low at home- which was perfect! If you ask Andrew how old he is, he will say, "I old"

We love you so much baby boy and you make us laugh and smile each and every day! Happy Birthday!


  1. Oh my he's looking like a big boy! Do people say he looks like Izzy? I caught her in a quick glance.

    How is teaching? Are the others envious of your chic hairstyle?

    I am.

  2. His hair is so blonde and he's looking so big! Hope he had a wonderful 2nd birthday.=)


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