Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Miracle stain remover

If having 3 little children doesn't cause enough stains and damage to a home, adding a puppy really will!
In all truth, Manny has been a GREAT dog! He's (usually) very calm and patient with the kids constantly pulling on him, picking him up, chasing him, and terrorizing him 24 hours a day. He's a huge cuddler, and typically calm and quiet (except when the big mean vacuum comes out). And he usually stays close to home or close to us when we are outside.
BUT, we have had our fair share of biting, eating toys/ blankets, and having potty accidents. For the first few days there were NO accidents. I was thinking- "this is great, who can't have a dog!?" Then once I turned over more responsibility to the children (because they were begging for it) the accidents started to happen. The kids would take Manny out, and get distracted by EVERYTHING, so they were never fully sure if Manny went potty or not, but assumed he did, then bring him back in, only to have an accident a minute later.
However, someone told me about this miracle dog pee remover- SALT! Regular old table salt. It's cheap and its the BEST remover of wet stains I have ever used, and I have used a lot of different brands over the years of little children.
Here is how it works:
Once I see there is a wet spot (key words) somewhere, I dump a small pile of salt on it and I will instantly start seeing it absorb. I leave the pile there until it drives (kind of gross), then I just vacuum it up! It's completely gone!!! The salt absorbs everything without leaving any marks or tinting the carpet a shade lighter or darker. It's truly amazing!

I was a skeptic at first- I thought, "if this is so great, why hasn't anyone ever told me about it before?" Once I tried it, I still thought it was a lucky chance, but now that I've had to resort to more than a few times, it really works every time- I am a believer! Caution- I am waiting for the kids to spill something on the carpet to try it with other liquids, I don't know why it wouldn't work?
I LOVE easy cleaning solutions, so I thought I would pass this one on. It's the best one I've heard in a long time. If you have an easy and really effective cleaning solution- please pass it on to me!

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